December 27, 2005

No, I Invented Podcasting

Gary Turner's relating early podcasting underground activites, but in his reminiscing, he forgot that he really was one of the first podcasters. Gary, remember in 2002 when we bloggers would call into your work voicemail and you'd broadcast us back on your blog? Helloooo. Sans enclosure tags, but so? This was before Blogger's Audblog too.

And the wayback machine gives us your compilation page from late 2002/early o3 with messages from the following

Jeneane Sessum
Marek J
Marti Roell
Sharo O'Neill
Shelley (Burningbird) Powers
Frank Paynter
Ryan Irelan
Anita Bora - Poor quality
Chris Locke - Losing it
Michael O'Connor Clarke

And since I was the first to leave you a blog message, that means "I invented podcasting."

Yah, we were casting alright.

Wikipedia That.


1 comment:

fpaynter said...

Heck yeah. I knew I did something important once. Open me up one of them wikipodia pages.