December 30, 2005

Stealing My Google AdCents

I've been hearing periphery talk of the latest internet "thuggery" (hat tip jeff jarvis and mayor bloomberg) trend since I saw Om Malik's Wholesale Blog Plagerism...Alert post. (updated info now). I've said here before, that while I hate the crime, I do admire the nimble criminal tactics of spammers because they seem to always land out in front of us. That's why it's kind of amazing that no one though to do this kind of content looting sooner, especially since we all roll it out there for them 24/7 in our feeds.
Wonder what Google's going to do about it, if they really even NEED to do anything about it. I wouldn't expect them to rush out with a massive effort to protect us from having others make cents off our site content, because that's not enough of a business case.
I might expect them to do something because it makes the model around the adsense program worth about--oh--less than nothing.
Even fewer bloggers will bother particpating (I stopped a while back and I'm only $3 away from getting my lucartive $100 payment--THANKS GOOGLE.) But more importantly, the corpo types who thought they were hip putting adword ads on blogs will get wind that "something" is amiss, and that's all it ever takes to send them running. And the truth is, with google's ability to shape-shift into new revenue models, if they decide not to do something, then them's the breaks for all of us.
P.S., I found four sites running my posts with google ads in the last two days. That's why I'm a little miffed.
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1 comment:

Jessica said...

Wow...I'm clueless to this sort of thing.

Loved the line "nimble criminal tactics" - hee/hee!

Want to wish you, George and Jenna a very Happy New Year!