December 31, 2005

Holy New Years Eve Around the World, Batman!

Mega thanks to Sheila Lennon for the pointer to radio guy Lou Joseph's running web guide to the galaxy of new year's eve around the world--already underway! Somewhere in this list, Sheila found and put a link up to New Year's Eve 1964 (turning 65). Oh man Oh man Oh man Oh man!!!!! (i think i'm crying.)... Go Japan. Go Darwin. Sheila says:
Where in the world do you want to be tonight? is the beginning of their list of links likely to be worth checking out, beginning at 1000 UTC (5:00 a.m. EST) with Wallis and Futuna in the South Pacific. After a dazzling brain dump about reception options, Lou confesses, "I have never heard anything from Wallis Island."

Go to medianetwork and refresh often!

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