April 28, 2006

give a hoot, don't pollute - blog earth day.

how does shelley do that thing where she can turn comments off after a specific period of time? Her blog has the best features of any out there--I'm sure she crafts the best of those features together herself.

I particularly like how she can leave comments open for a long time, but once a post gets really old, she can turn the ability to make additional comments off. I'm finding that the only spam fight i have on blogger/spot is fighting spam made to comments on old posts. The way shelley has it, comments are turned off, but if you come across a years-old post, you are invited to contact her after the close date if you would like to contribute a comment.

That's hot. It is inviting to VALID commenters who come along later on, but also would keep penis spam from littering my five-year-old posts and the nets in general.

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j. brotherlove said...

Jeneane, most blog solutions have a built-in solutions or plugins that automate turning commenting off at a pre-determined time. I have no experience with blogger/blogspot, however.

My problem is that I initated auto-close over a year ago and forgot how to effectively turn it off. That's what happens when you abandon your blog for months on end.

One more task on my redesign list.

alan said...

Thats because she is the hottest blog coder alive. Next time you hit her site , click for a refresh and watch the graphic change.

Some day I'll show up on her door, and will live with her forever.

Jeneane Sessum said...

at first i thought maybe penis spam, but no.

i love a man who is not afraid to proclaim his love for a girl who can code her ass off.

that is beautiful.

Jeneane Sessum said...

JBL, I don't know if blogger has that feature either--i should go look, but the way shelley's stuff works is sooo smooooth. take 2 naproxen and get to that blog, kay?

Shelley said...

Wow, I've never been propositioned in another person's weblog comments before. Kinky. I like it.

Wordpress does somewhat have this feature, but my comments are my code. I've set it so it's open until the first comment after a certain period of time. Then that comment goes into moderation, the comment is closed, the message is posted about emailing. I find that this eliminates 99.99% of the spam, but still leaves the door open for new conversation.

Jeneane, if you ever move off of Blogger to something like WP, I'll help you implement this.

Pris said...

You invited me on MySpace. That's how I found you here:-) I have my daily blog on blogger.com. If you go to your work page you'll see a message under the link to your blog about turning on word verification. That killed spammers on the spot for me since they don't usually do it on purpose. If you want NO comments for a particular post, you can click the link under your posting composition box that sets the date and also chose 'no comments'. If you leave comments on and a fight ensues, you can choose to delete obnoxious posts by opening the comments and hitting the little icon next to the comment that looks like a bulletin board stick pin.

I'll probably never find my way back to this particular post, so contact me on MySpace if none of this connects.