April 27, 2006

Sprint Ambassadors Program for Bloggers, Any Ambassadorettes?

So, I've seen the cool guys posting about getting these new phones to evaluate from Sprint--you know, they're giving them to key bloggers to check out. The phones do everything but wash your clothes or so it seems.

So I was wondering, since I've only seen guys talking about getting them, how many women bloggers are participating as Ambassadors? I haven't seen one. Surely there must be some, right?

For the past several months, Sprint has been seeding next-generation phones with ‘A-list’ bloggers including Jeff Jarvis at Buzz Machine, Steve Hall of AdRants and Joseph Jaffe. Sprint sends each blogger an e-mail noting that the Ambassador team has visited their blog and would like to offer them membership in the program and a free phone. After signing up, bloggers get a Sprint Power Vision-enable phone (a Samsung SPH-A920) which can download music from the Sprint Music Store, stream live TV, take pictures and video and play games. The phone is free to the blogger, including downloads of tunes, video and games, for six months at the end of which it is deactivated. The blogger can keep the phone but needs to pay Sprint at normal rates to continue using it.

You know, I'm just asking. Because I'm curious.

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