April 28, 2006

give a hoot, don't pollute - blog earth day.

how does shelley do that thing where she can turn comments off after a specific period of time? Her blog has the best features of any out there--I'm sure she crafts the best of those features together herself.

I particularly like how she can leave comments open for a long time, but once a post gets really old, she can turn the ability to make additional comments off. I'm finding that the only spam fight i have on blogger/spot is fighting spam made to comments on old posts. The way shelley has it, comments are turned off, but if you come across a years-old post, you are invited to contact her after the close date if you would like to contribute a comment.

That's hot. It is inviting to VALID commenters who come along later on, but also would keep penis spam from littering my five-year-old posts and the nets in general.

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