April 26, 2006

nothing personal

i'm just insanely busy. maybe you can help. i will post these reminders:

i forgot to pay the garbage bill. we have garbage sitting in the driveway bec/ i guess they don't come if you forget to pay them. Also, don't let me forget to pay health ins later today. no telling what they'll do to you if you don't pay them. repossess my fine health prolly. OH! and remind me to call our accountant.

thank you for your virtual assistance. off to meetings.

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Anonymous said...

wouldn't it be far better... if you automated payments like this? I mean... if they are regular payments and they are always the same, why are you writing cheques? That seems like extra work which means extra money, which means a bad way to be efficient.

Jeneane Sessum said...

but see i'm too far gone.

...e... said...

so did you pay the health insurance?

re: the automated payments, see the airline post....