April 23, 2006

silver mike tuesday

wishes and horses for mike and wendy on their 25th.

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Mike Golby said...

Thanks, Jeneane. Coming from you... well, yeah... respect works both ways and shee-it, you've always have been--and always will be--my BlogSister.

Damn, I could wax lyrical, but it'd be too much of the same, eh? I'd end up proposing again, wouldn't I? I love George too and wouldn't want to tangle with him, so I won't.

Anyway, his wife has Heart. Soul. Voice. I think I've always been slightly dotty about her...well, since 2002 anyway. But I wouldn't tell George that. Or Wendy for that matter. Just in case it upset them.

So we'll keep it quiet, eh? Just between all of us. So that George--or Jenna's friggin' bad-ass jealous uncle from Boulder--doesn't find out.

It's not nice to be so secretive about these things but, hey, a blogger must do what a blogger must do. Keep doin' it, Jeneane. You blog for all of us.