April 24, 2006

in praise of skype

for me skype is like the x3504 when i was at ketchum, and you could dial anyone with a four digit extension and then your other line was free for incoming client calls, babysitters, your bookie, what have you.

Skype is like that for me now -- it sits over there like my old two line desk phone, and i get calls from my favorite Canadians or friends around the globe, and it's kind of like over-the-cube talk.

I told allaboutgeorge today he's my cube mate--my over-the-wall neighbor, and just when I'm dozing and like--aaaah i cannot write this--george pops up in yahoo IM with some goddam witty interlude and he makes me laugh. If I could toss a bag of spicy cajun chips over the cube wall to george i would.

and he uses yahoo, but i started this post about skype, but really it's about gesturing, which good web2.0 tools take into account.

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