April 26, 2006

Dear Julie (as if) of America West Airlines Customer Service

Hello Julie, our customer service supervisor from America West Airlines, whose name I bet is something more like Sandra. Julie I have been thinking about you all day, visions of what I might do with my Visa debit card you so mightily scoff at, the one I used to give your company $560, which is, coincidentally the amount I pay for health insurance because I had the balls to try and make a go of my own business when I couldn't stand my job anymore.

Julie, woman to woman, you need a new job. To get laid. To visit your psychic. SOMETHING. If you're that unhappy where you feel compelled to treat customers as though they are about to launch a hostile takeover of your business and your square little world, then for goodness sake, put in your resignation letter and get a job at The Container Store. Big Lots. Something. But not as an America West customer service rep.

There is a better life for you Julie. Somewhere.

You don't have to be such a hater. Lose that zero and get yourself a hero. Turn that frown upside down. Add value to people's lives. Go to the bookstore, and pick up the latest new age best seller. Get in Touch with the Core of Your Being so that you can become happier, healthier -- mindbodyandspirit.

One world, Julie. One love. One life.

Julie. Every time I look at my Visa debit card I will think of you and America West Airlines and your horrible Customer Service and how we won't fly with you again, and I will remember the last words I said to you:

"I'm glad I'm a blogger."

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Anonymous said...

I know you'd probably like to disembowel Julie with a blunt spoon. And this is cool to rake her sorry ass over the coals, but don't let it obsess you. I know, it's none of my business, but I would hate to see Julie do any more to you than she already has. She's not worth it.
Forgive me for butting in?

Roxanne said...

Oh, if Julie were the only one. And airlines wonder why they're not doing better?

Jeneane Sessum said...

ok bill. thanks.

Jon Husband said...

we're glad you're a blogger too .. why can I see you as the diva of all divas of customer service, tho' ?