April 24, 2006

do you go to aldi's?

i shopped at aldi's today, the food market with the offbeat stuff at good prices, and you buy your own bags if you don't bring them with you, and the other weird thing that I like: bring a quarter because you put a quarter in to get your shopping cart and then you get your money back at the end when you shove the cart back into it's lineup.

the funny thing is that i have a friend who can't do the cart thing. i mean she cannot grasp the concept -- "what if i don't have a quarter?" she keeps asking. I'm like, dude, bring one. She's like, "you don't understand--i don't want to have to know that i have a quarter in order to go."

george says they have Aldis a lot oveseas. That makes him like the store. he likes things that are over the seas.

i think i get it. no, no i guess i don't.

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j. brotherlove said...

People who like stores like Aldi's, really like them. I had a coworker who sang its praises all the time. I can't knock her. She's a single mom and credits her success to savings like her Aldi's trips.

I can't get with the concept. I can't even remember to bring bags or boxes when I go to Sam's or BJs. I get giddy for the bulk savings and then stand at checkout like a doofus trying to figure out how to get it to the car.

Jeneane Sessum said...

Giddy. Giddy is a good word.

Anonymous said...

I've never been to Aldi's but I know they're German. When I lived in the Netherlands, all their grocery stores worked the same way... bag it yourself, bring or buy bags, coin-op carts, etc.

BTW, Aldi also owns Trader Joe's...