April 24, 2006

Indians: They're Not Just for Call Centers Anymore!

Coding Monkeys?

"Far from being merely the rooms full of workhorse coding monkeys, performing the mundane tasks the ideas coming out of BarCampBangalore are better than any I've heard at US camps..."


I'm sure it's merely the language barrier. Right?

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Anonymous said...



Ouch. There must be a ton of words that carry some racist baggage but also have meaninsg in their own right. It would be instructive to create a list.

It' really hard maintaining political correctness in all degress of expression.

It IS a common term in the world of programming: like flunky. I should google flunky to see where it's roots are.

Jeneane Sessum said...

Oh. My. God. Well I will take the heat for being ignorant of tech slang.

And maybe I'll teach someone a new phrase they didn't know.

Hey, it's all about cultural exchange, right?

And can girls be code monkeys too?

Anonymous said...


Isn't heirarchy inherently elitist?

In any domain you get these labels implying a position in the heirarchy... except the internet which eschews heirarchy.

Apprentice -> Journeyman -> yada-yada
NOTE: the gender issue.

So, in the world of coding they seem to have this "code monkey" nomaneclature for these shops where they hire armies of people to crank out lines of code without every seeing or understanding the overall design. Real programmers see them as a major part of the problem with large systems... as a writer you might be able to see an analogy with very large marketing departments that crank out press releases or some other mindless engine of bulk crap.

There is no substitute for talent.

So, there's no blogging substitute for Allied.

Anyway... keep seeking signs of blatant racism, bias and gender discrimination. Somebody has to keep the spirit of the 60's alive while we live through this dark century... turning back decades of social progress.