April 24, 2006

OMG! and other notes

My Chase Account Has Been Violated!!!!

o. wait. i don't have a chase account. JOKES YOU YOU spambastard.

other things:

no more "the sun goes down on mcnealy" post headings. i expect more creativity from the blogosphere. something like: "IBM PR team saddened - no more turrets outbursts coming from scott on sun earnings calls."  How will they stay awake!?

no invoking Dr. King when speaking about multi-billion-dollar-global-people-eating corporations.

Web 2.0 revamp of "how white is your blogroll" becomes: how white is aggregator? So? How about you?

i've been working on my other site - jeneane.net - so far oldies but goodies.

Hello RB, Hello Euan, Hello Jon, Hello Shelley, Hello Mike, and Halley I expect more than one email from you this week.

i am too tired to link. i need a link-o-later: a tool that goes searching for the closest link and automatically inserts it when I right click on a phrase/name in Qumana.  Or maybe it goes ahead and does all of that "later" on (get it, link-o-LATER), while I sleep. Like comment moderation. This is link moderation -- "want to add these links to your post?" sure! I link to Qumana because i talked to Jon today. Hi jon! And Q makes blogging easier.

even someone barely conscious like me can do it!

Put that on you brochure with pride.

these notes are kind of random.

george, he has traveled a road the last five years that makes hairs stand on end, never mind the first 40 yrs, but, what doesn't kill us makes us ...?.. and don't forget i was there, and so when i take naps sometimes, you will forgive me for this temporary break in hypervigilence. And george posted on it for a second i see. that's good there is a lot to say. and it's his.

aye, there's the rub

you should see what's back there in my archives as i'm finding my old poetry for jeneane.net. holy blog history lesson batman. it makes my right elbow hurt.

i am kind of hyperventilating lately to shop. sometimes i get that way when i have been severely budgetized, like paying thousands in taxes a week ago tends to make me budgetize myself better. but then a week goes by and in my mind i am shopping ALLTHEHELL over the place--things I haven't wanted in like 5 years come back and assault me.

just say no to commerce.

web 2.0 must offer a windowshopping service where you can pretend to buy things. ok i guess that's second life, except i want my windowshopping experience to be free. i want to own everything and be able to use it, but maybe i don't exactly get to touch it.

whatabout wampum.com where we all go back and barter for stuff. i'll write you a brochure if you send me one of those expensive grill cooking pans or come fix my roof. hell i don't know if that's even a domain, and as you can tell, this time of evening, i'm a bit rambly pambly.

Fact checking would be overkill.

if you have a myspace blog, i am telling you that the new bubbleshare "share" tab has some cool ways to include pix in posts, including a bar where your album scrolls by and also a flashy-weird-jumpy like earthquake cam thing. i like it.

in meat life i'm working on some M2M projects, and if you don't know what that is, mix wireless with machines and data with GPS networks for verticals like security, financial services, healthcare, et al -- add in web-based access, and bob's your uncle.

i think that's all i was going to tell you tonight. what's going on with you?

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