April 27, 2006

virtual admin needed, probably already exists, but where?

For folks living and working in netspace, join me in asking for my latest want: a virtual administrator. Google calendar is great, integration with chat and mail is great, conferences are great, 'where am i now' widgets are great, frapper, lappr, and scrappr all you want, upload and share, book-fly-and-greet, schedule skype and phone conferences and chats on global timezones, and just TRY to keep up.

I'm trying to get four+ virtufriends together with one meatspace friend at a conference they're all attending, one I'm not attending, and i'm looking at one's where am I, and another's conference list, and another's blog, and emailing them all (i.e. bugging them) with times and details to see who's open when, and I'm thinking, if we all shared a virtual administrator for that week/event/etc, how EASY would it be for her (or him--really, we're talking transactions, so pick your sex) to align, schedule, book, and coordinate all of our necessary shit for that week (and even tho I'm not there, I still want to play a role--have her ask me how!), allowing us to opt in or out, and go beyond the standard fare offered as part of the conference AND give us something that works across the various tools people are using to keep their respective shit together.

Let us change it on the fly, deliver us up-to-date info via RSS, and send change alerts as text messages or email if we want--"the lounge is a madhouse--we're meeting in my suite instead!", ALL AROUND A SPECIFIC SOCIAL CIRCLE AND EVENT, oh, and if I forget to bring my prescription or favorite walking shoes, let me request info from the virutal admin on where to find what nearest to where I'm staying without hopping among map interfaces or checking continually with the front desk. 

I want the virtual admin to learn to know me over time, like a real one.

Instead of being an ongoing way of life and cost center, though, I use the virtual admin only when I need to.

She's there when I need her, and she can't quit. How cool is that?

It's ripe for an ad model, or subscription model. I dunno. It's probably already out there. But I bet I can think of ways to make it better.

I figured a admin sounding name is the way to go--so i tried to remember some of the more efficient executive assistants i've worked with.

How about ColletteSanders.com

Collette, the web2.0isphere awaits you.

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Anonymous said...

Here's a virtual admin that contacted me recently: http://www.virtualangela.com. She's local to Atlanta, too.

Jeneane Sessum said...

That's awesome, Karsh. Now, how do I get everyone i know to share that admin so that virtualangela knows ALL of our goings on.

You know, I may actually be using her. She looks like a very cool solution to some of my headaches.