April 27, 2006

Four Bloggers A Day

I've been on this regimen. A few of you already know about it. Lemme 'splain in case you want to get in on the same pathway to personal excellence.

Long time ago, you had to pay for long distance by the minute. Now some of us still have those plans whereby you pay for each minute, BUT if you run your business out of your bed, usually you have to make lots of calls, so it's cheaper just to get the already-paid-for long distance, and such. Never mind that cell phones let you gab LD for free, not counting the airtime they like to charge you $170 a month for.

BUT THEN, that has little to do with my regimen, which is this: I am calling four bloggers each day to check in with them.

Why you ask?

Because I can, I answer.

And I should. I remember when we First Blogged, Long Distance wasn't so free, and certain members of this blogging community ran up $600 phone bills connecting and learning who we really were and what we were about. OH! were those the days, my friends?

I remember when Locke got his first Sprint plan where it was one price for long distance. We were drunk with the possibilities. HEY, Who even needs to blog anymore--we'll just CALL everyone! What if we talked for 24 hours--would they cut us off? Have you ever talked to Halley?

Ah, we were but children then.

So now, long distance is unlimited, and we do what human beings like to do: FORGET TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT. We get all professional, treat it like HAM Radio, and stop answering the phone.  feh!

SO: I will call four bloggers each day until I run out of phone numbers. I have already checked in with Frank, Doc, David, Halley, Jon (Skype Counts), Chris (Ubiquitous for me, but he's included anyway), and Tom (VM counts).

Now, some of these folks are private people. I'm not saying you should call THE SAME four bloggers as me each day, I'm just saying WTF pick up the phone once in a while before I get ready to launch  PhoneCon III.

Don't make me do it.

What you can do instead is give me your number. It must be in the U.S., or be prepared to skype with me if you're International. I do not use a set agenda. I make shit up. If all we want to do is say, HEY!!! six times, that's okay too.

Should you wish to start your own Four Bloggers A Day program, you may include me in your lineup: 678 - 294 - 0900. Just remember: I know where the disconnect button is and I know how to use it.

If you get my VM, that counts. Leave me a message. You hear me, I hear you, we're all the richer for the experience.

Kay, eat that LD for lunch!

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