April 24, 2006

one more minute

now see, i could have done more posts, but these were kind of meaty. A lot of thought went into them. the idea is: make yourself write.


Don't spend so much time formulating opinions and debating the same bullshitmeaningless stuff each day. Sometime just say to youself--self, 30 posts in 30 minutes and GO and see what happens.

you know some folks used to do blog marathons, where they would plan an all nighter -- sometimes it was for charity -- and see how long they could post -- trying for 24 or 48 hours, hooking up with other bloggers to take over while they slept.

you might think: that writing probably sucked. but you don't know when meaning's going to sneak up on you.

it's a tricky bastard

(bastard is my word of the week)

I did not know i was going to mention skype or yahoo or allaboutgeoge or what else did i write about? it's gone now. I didn't know what the hell to write, but it's like exercise -- don't think it, don't link it, just write it, and if you CONSTRUCT it, then you have to go back and start again.

more in the morn. gotta be up at six.

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