April 29, 2006

Stowe's Body Gets Rash (of Bids)

The winning "Clothe Stowe" bid was $15/day. WOW! Go, Stowe. It appears that you will see Stowe in a lot of HeadShift wear. Score one for the smart marketing team.

T-shirts or not, I may suggest a little help in the copywriting area, as I'm still not sure exactly, precisely, remotely what they do.

Headshift is a professional online social media consulting and development company, which is rapidly emerging as the UK market leader in this specialist sector. We work with a range of knowledge-based organisations to create successful online communication projects that exploit the power of social networking.

Forgetaboutit, let's see your t-shirts!

(hey, nice location)

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

the t-shirts are coming, be patient ... anyway, that wasn't "copy" - it was emergent textual architecture based on the wisdom of crowds ;-)

Our site is our first line of defence. If people make it through the dense undergrowth of long multi-clause sentences then we know they are serious about working with us.

-- Lee