April 23, 2006

too thin or too rich

rumor has it angelina and brad are holed up with the family in Namibia, having rented out all 12 rooms+suites of the luxurious Burning Shores resort.

whole place. themselves.

i'm a simple girl. really. happy with a good vacuum and filter, and a trip to a conference once or twice a year. but holy shit will you look at this place?

how many bloggers will live and die and not sit on that patio with that view and no one else around in our lifetimes? zero'd be a good bet, not meaning to diss you fine readers of allied, a scant few of whom might even have the means and the wherewithal to book all the rooms like this in a resort where they bring you food under those fancy tops.

table for four, eh?

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1 comment:

McD said...

My thoughts on A and B? Just as a writing prompt... you see.

Most of us wouldn't last a week in the world that those two inhabit: Marilyn didn't make it, Judy, Elvis, Jimi, Janis?

I don't begrudge them the desire to buy a little R&R.

Fame actually sucks. This I believe. Those who seek it are ill.

Every interview I've seen or read with either of them has left me feeling better about the possibility that someone might survive overwhelming fame and still have some connection to some decent values.

Anyway, that's my take.