April 23, 2006

What the Hell Is Google Doing?

I haven't vanity searched on Google for a long time. But I just did, and I was, well, surprised. Used to be, if you had say 500,000 hits for your name (and your name is a unique name--as in, there's only one me), Google would return at least a few dozen pages of results, hiding (or omitting) the obvious "similar to" results unless you asked Google to "repeat the search with the omitted results included."

Still, if you had hundreds of thousands of hits, you'd get a good half-hour's worth of stuff to meander through, reminisce, see if you've showed up anyplace new, who's taken your name in vain, etc.

But tonight it's all or nothing. Either I take 500,000 (many of which are very similar to one another), or I get only the first 10 pages - search results 1-77. If I want to see more than 77, I have to take them all.

That's just stupid. Is it a fluke? Was I sick that day? What?

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