April 21, 2006

50 Ways to Leave Your Notes, Yah.

SolutionWatch just blew me away by providing a handy list of 50 web 2.0 tools that help people who have to write shit down.

The fact that there are 50 Web 2.0 tools that help us take notes is, itself, indicative of our meta-fetish nature in the age of the interweb.

I would like to have seen Qumana included, because it's one of the fastest ways to keep notes and links together, then publish your thoughts to a blog (or several, across various blogging platforms). There is a difference, I suppose, between Web publishing tools and web-based word processors, but the quickest route from thought to publish for bloggers is bypassing Blogger's and Wordpress's interface and posting through Qumana.

Nonetheless, a useful list of helpful tools. Next week, SolutionWatch will provide a list of the top 50 Web 2.0 tools for double-clicking!

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