April 17, 2006

I should have been reading Tony

Holy big bad shit. I should have been reading Tony. I knew it was a mistake to get involved in this meta blog bullcrap, because you know, people can say they know who's an asshole and who's happy and nice in blogland, and people can blog all day and put up nice pix that show they are so white and harmless and freckled and breadbaseket-americana, and then they:

rape again
cut up
and plan to eat
ten-year-old little girls

even if they only get to the torture, kill, decapitate, rape(2), and cut-up parts. it can happen. you might like them, who knows, they may have you on their blogroll, and they might dig what you write a lot, they might come around your place and comment, and even quote your posts on their blogs, and all the while you don't know that they have a dead freckle-faced kid in the cooler whom they have finished murdering but haven't eaten yet, and ...

when they confess, you find out that this pretty average blog guy who looks weird in retrospect but described himself as "single, bored, and lonely, but other than that, pretty happy," seemed like any joeblowblogger at the time, this guy who has swapped blog spit with you, is the killer, and you see a trail to other blogs where he wrote some way fucked up stuff, and did you know? no--that's not the part he showed you, hell you even threw him a link once.

And you feel like you are going to puke and you feel like the world has opened up and showed you the belly of the devil on Good Friday.

Just ask tony pierce how that feels.

Tony points to a roundup of news stories here.


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