April 21, 2006

Clue for sale? Anyone?

I think I need to buy one, because I don't understand the purpose of GM's new FYI Blog, which Steve reports is allowing "all GM employees to contribute in one way or another."

I don't see all employees. I see Directors and VPs spinning so far

As someone with a brother who's put in 27 years and will soon be out of a job, I think an innovative move would be to bring the guys from simplyhired.com and other HR/Job sites over to the blog to give advice, resources, and info that could help steer the thousands of career GM employees who are going to need the help toward new opportunities.

Employee blogs are nice. Before anyone did them, they were cutting edge. It's time for some new cutting edge moves, and that edge has to be a lot more edgy than having your Brand and Communications people posting about how great thou art.

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