April 16, 2006

The Four Agreements and Comment Moderation in the 21st Century

Posted this comment at Shelley's about Robert's recent comment moderation and Four Agreement/Happy People discussion:

...There is usually something else going on with people who grab on to new age nonsense about "unhappy people" being the cause of their angst, and doing away with whatever isn't "positive", and other contrived cultish answers to what is the INHERENT COMPLEXITY OF REALITY AND THE HUMAN CONDITION. It's bullshit. It's actually worse than bullshit--it's dangerous. And incidentally, it's the opposite of naked conversations.

If you want to moderate comments to get rid of anonymous trolls and folks posting as different people (who cares, they out themselves), then delete them. Or allow us to register--I'd much rather register once and see the comments keep flowing than watch them sit in moderation limbo.

Or if you really feel like you have to, then fine, moderate them. It is your blog. Whatever.

BUT please decide whether you're moderating comments to get rid of anonymous and false posters OR to get rid of whatever doesn't "ADD VALUE TO YOUR LIFE OR THE LIVES OF YOUR READERS."

You don't know what adds value to my life. What the fuck does ADDED VALUE TO YOUR LIFE look like in a comment? Is it strokes and ego kisses? Is it really Kewl New Information? Is it a couple screwing while they type in the comment? Is it a nun joke? WTF?

All I'm saying is, you're mixing something benign (moderated comments) with something malignant (filling my life with happy people) here. Make sure at least YOU know the difference.

You said you look at blogging more like talk radio. I look at it more as the antidote to talk radio. And I guess that's just that.

ADDED EDITOR'S NOTE: Remedial Study of Mystic Bourgeoisie is in order.

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