April 18, 2006

Positive Psychology Is All You Need....

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the artist formerly known as...rageboy

The world is black, the world is white
It turns by day and then by night
A child is black, a child is white
Together they grow to see the light,
to see the light

And now at last we plainly see
We'll have a dance of Liberty,

(lyrics by David Arkin

Is everybody happy now?

Good, we can go home early.


Anonymous said...

kathy sierra is one of the clearest writers around. i've read several of her books and they just get better. clear books on dull topics, go ahead, you try. if i had to choose one person in this world to work with on a must-do must-accomplish topic (like arresting or slowing global climate change for example) the person i would choose would be someone with an attitude like you. (i.e. not kathy)

Jeneane Sessum said...

I think you'll find that my rates are quite reasonable! I can also quote by the project. Consulting fees for arresting global warming -- with an incentive built in for early delivery -- would run about $4,555,409,005,000.03, give or take a few thousand. Of course, if we are in danger of going over that amount, I would let you know in writing well ahead of time and would not proceed without your written go-ahead.

I can send you a more detailed SOW--just let me know if you're interested.

Thank you!