April 22, 2006

New Tools for the Working Mom


With the MomTop(TM), From IBM.

Think the night nurse is a working mom's best friend? Think again.

IBM's new MomTop(TM) Notebook handles 12 hours of labor and gives birth to fully-clothed, 10 lb. infants by ejecting them from the DVD R/W drive right into mom's ergonomically-supported, waiting arms.

That's right. Get your MomTop and never leave the office again. Baby due in the middle of a conference call? NO SWEAT! MomTop covers the baby's entire face with a winter cap so clients can't hear that pesky newborn's cry.

How DID your mother and grandmother do it?

With the MomTop, you really don't have to give a shit.

Available now for $3,499.00

USB-ready Breast Pump Add-On Only--$69.99!

Hurry...Time Limited Offer.

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