April 17, 2006

Did We Know Amazon Had Product Wikis?

When Werner Vogels talks about performance and scalability, one look around Amazon these days will tell you why. From a 'conversation-enabling' standpoint, I'm not sure what they are not doing. And IM-coming-soon may be more than an April Fool's joke.

Which leads me to note, I have no idea when product wikis were launched on Amazon, but a look at the most edited wikis makes me think maybe February or March?

Uber-amazonian-spendthrift, new age decipherer, and Cluetrain co-author Chris Locke pointed them out to me this morning, and naturally I went to the Cluetrain product page and started one.

The 'wiki toolbar' mentioned on the "Learn More" help page doesn't exist--at least not however I'm using firefox to add/edit/view the wiki I can't seem to find it. I wanted to add a definition, but I don't see the "editor toolbar" to do so.

That's also how you add new pages, apparently.

Anyway, another day, another feature to play with. wee!

[[p.s., earliest mention on technorati I see is from Ross Mayfield.]]

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