April 21, 2006

Web 2.0 Office Fun

As you package your own Web2.0 tools together to replace those annoying old desktop apps, make sure you include a cool new invoicing tool like blinksale.  I'm going to try it out. The only thing I found a little too webtoo.cavalier was the answer to the data security question:

Is my data safe?

Our servers are housed in a secure, state-of-the-art colocation center in Dallas, Texas. You may export your data in a variety of formats, and though we hate to see you go, you are free to cancel Blinksale at any time.

That leaves some privacy questions unanswered, some what happens when you cancel questions unanswered, but hey, I'm not billing the White House (yet).

I think there should be an optional interface on invoicing/billing tools that make them fun. I HATE DOING THAT PART OF MY BUSINESS. Everyone does. I'd like a time sheet widget that pops up every couple of hours saying, "want to record anything?" and then I choose from a drop down of my clients (this is all while whatever I'm working on is uninterrupted), i choose from whatever projects i populated it with, and I toss in another hour or two. It keeps track for me. And, like, can it reward me? Like can I set it to say, "When I add my 70th billable hour, launch my amazon wish list and one-click me a $10-$20 gift for myself."

I'm an indie. So are a lot of us. I'd love new ways to incent MYSELF. Creative ways to add some boing-boing type fun inside of my everyday, lonely processes.

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