April 18, 2006


the ruins by river bank, his house is in shambles, mama gambles with the cash, it's last, just a preamble, she's dressed in linen, flowers and confection, just what she's got to be seen in, around it goes, no affection, just shots fired in every direction, insurrection, blessed are the peacemakers and department of corrections, you know what help means? seems useless, a friend is anyone who hasn't abused us, but what moves us is the bass drum, the shit where we came from, groove hard, dig down down to sound, don't you think she's been around? watch her ass shake, legs like a snake, makes his thing ache, it's like that, teeth like a rat, nails like a cat, she slice his back til he comes to, no place to go home to, next lie down anyplace he can roam to, maybe the bank of the river, the sun's already a sliver, in the sky, the day is past, kick away the trash, take aim and watch the cans splash.