April 20, 2006

sick web 2.0 ad revenue models -- here's a gimme

so you start a blog now, you write a bunch of posts detailing future big-news events that are destined to happen, say for instance, a spoof release on the death of an ex-president, you watch the post rise to the top of google, tracking the random referrals you get on the search string. (Amazing how may folks THINK Gerald Ford is dead, you know?) Then, you sell ads based on potential traffic from specific event trigger, say, the actual death of said president hitting MSM sources, and the ads begin running only once your blog receives the first rush of hits for a given search string from google and other search engines. So, you put about 5,000 of these future news nuggets on a blog, seeding the future, and you charge advertisers an 'event price' for future ads that will run for, say, a week or month after the trigger is tipped.

Is it a spam blog? not if it's creative. More like the Onion, but SEO-ed.

I'm not saying it's right. I'm just saying...

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