April 19, 2006

SHP Surpasses Huffing Glue As Leading Cause of Brain Damage

I keep finding beautiful dark coils of wonderful writing on the Shiny Happy People (SHP) topic that say what I wanted to say so much better than I said it.

And no, I'm not ready to shut up quite yet. There are times when I like beating dead horses. I've lost a couple of horses in my lifetime. It's hard to see a loyal equine friend dead--do you know how big a horse is? Do you know what it takes to bury one? It's not like a dead cat or hamster--it is pure enormity.

So if I decide to beat a dead horse, beat I will.

Let me turn it over, though, to the Head Lemur, who bought and paid for my smile tonight by getting -- perfectly -- the "it" that's wrong with SHP.

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Anonymous said...

goddamn you blogger comments! me go apeshit bananas last night. annggggger grrrrr. maintenance grrrrr! no see. no seee. grrrrr. happy people make me insane!

Jeneane Sessum said...

Hey there--all you have to do is turn that frown upside down!