April 19, 2006

SHP Surpasses Huffing Glue As Leading Cause of Brain Damage

I keep finding beautiful dark coils of wonderful writing on the Shiny Happy People (SHP) topic that say what I wanted to say so much better than I said it.

And no, I'm not ready to shut up quite yet. There are times when I like beating dead horses. I've lost a couple of horses in my lifetime. It's hard to see a loyal equine friend dead--do you know how big a horse is? Do you know what it takes to bury one? It's not like a dead cat or hamster--it is pure enormity.

So if I decide to beat a dead horse, beat I will.

Let me turn it over, though, to the Head Lemur, who bought and paid for my smile tonight by getting -- perfectly -- the "it" that's wrong with SHP.

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